Categories of AzRHA Certification

  1. Application Phase
    • Organization representative has attended at least two meetings, has submitted application documents and fees.  
      1. Application Phase- insert hyperlink to application checklist
  2. Inspection Phase
    • Organization has submitted all documentation and is awaiting a first inspection or re-inspection.
  3. Certified Residence
    • Organization has completed inspection and application stages and has attended mandatory two meetings.  The house is in compliance with standards and membership fees have been paid.
  4. De-Certified Residence
    • House was once certified but is no longer, whether voluntarily or involuntarily.  This also applies to once-certified houses that were sold, closed, or failed to apply for recertification.
  5. Ineligible Residence
    • House was never certified and cannot be certified at this time.  This may be because it is not a sober home, it was closed before it could be certified, or it did not pass inspection or complete remediation.
    • After 3 months have passed without contact with the sober home, AzRHA may move a home from the “Application Stage” or “Inspection Stage” to “Ineligible.” A week before moving a house to the “Ineligible” category,
    • AzRHA will notify the home via email that they can take action to complete their application within the week or they will have to begin again.