Drug Testing

AzRHA and its members are committed to maintaining ethical relationships with the populations we serve and to continually strive to raise the bar in recovery housing.  From time to time, AzRHA finds it necessary to publish the organization’s position on certain aspects of the ever-changing landscape of recovery housing. One of the cornerstones of AzRHA mission is to define and promote ethics and standards and to set and maintain the standard for quality and safety in recovery housing in Arizona.

This commitment includes prohibiting individuals with a direct or indirect ownership interest in a laboratory from either sending specimens or making referrals for services. Code of Ethic rules addressing this:

a.  Provide consistent, fair practices for drug testing that promote the residents’ recovery and the health and safety of the recovery environment.

b.  Promote the residence with marketing or advertising that is supported by accurate, open and honest claims.

c.  Sustain transparency in operational and financial decisions.

Effective January 17, 2018 and in conjunction with our membership in NARR, AzRHA announces the following policy to continue to set and maintain ethical standards in alcohol and drug fee recovery housing.  The authorized representative of the program and its affiliates and subsidiaries attest to the following:

1. I am a sober living operator that operates a sober living program(s) not licensed by Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) therefore, I do not bill insurance for urine drug testing or confirmations of any kind for any resident nor is it billed through a 3rd party.

2. I do not receive directly or indirectly payments and/or commissions and/or any trades from any lab company that provides confirmation testing and/or point of care testing, qualitative and/or quantitative for any resident.

3. I am not an employee of any lab company that provides drug testing services of any kind to any resident in our program.

4. I have not signed a marketing agreement or any variation thereof with a 3rd party, nor do I receive a 1099 for drug testing services of any kind for any resident in our program.

5. I do not receive any free urine drug testing supplies for our program.

6. All drug testing policies and fees are clearly outlined in the program’s policies and the resident is made aware of the policy prior to admission.

7. All fees are disclosed at the time of admission and is clearly denoted what portion of dollars collected are attributed to drug testing fees and resident fees in the resident agreement.

8. Our program does not promote excessive drug testing of residents and understands that it is not conducive to recovery and can negatively impact the resident’s recovery.

9. Our program takes the necessary steps to avoid personal and/or business conflicts of interest, i.e. a conflict of interest arising when a set of circumstances creates a risk that decisions, judgments or actions regarding a primary interest is unduly influenced by a secondary interest i.e. financial gain.

Need a Printable Form?

For Updated AzRHA Policy Urine Drug Testing Effective 01-17-2018 please print and return a completed document.