Certification Checklist

Proof of Insurance

Should ONLY be the commercial liability insurance binder from the operators insurance company or the Declaration page of the operators policy. It MUST list the name of the program, the address of the sober living home(s) and be current for a year from the date issued.

Attestation letter from the owner of the property if the home is a rental.

The attestation should reflect that the lessor understands and gives permission for the house to be used for sober living.

Mission Statement/ Vision Statement

Must contain the mission or the vision of the Sober Living home. This is a simple statement of the values and the purpose of the Sober Living Home.

Client Agreement

Represents the agreement between the Sober Living Home and the client for home expectations ONLY. It can include all the amenities and other expectations provided by the Sober Living Home including: house curfews, house meetings, and optional workshops. In addition, may list items provided by the Sober Living Home such as: household items, beds, dressers, food, etc. Also include the items prohibited in the home.  It should include the total of fees being charged, how often it is paid, to whom it is paid, the recommended method of payment, and when it is to be paid. It must also indicate the consequence in the event of missed or late payments with fees if any. Within this document the operators are encouraged to include the rules for discharge/termination of the client agreement.  . Fees should be presented in a separate document. The client agreement serves as a legal and binding contract between the client and Sober Living Home and therefore must contain an area for the signatures of both parties to sign and date.

Policies and Procedures

*This area must include ALL the following:

A. House Rules

This area is to include all the rules of the house. Examples: house curfews, laundry hours, whether smoking is permitted, if visitors are permitted, dress code, etc. Also, consequences for failing to comply with these rules should be indicated in this document.

B. Refund Policy

Document MUST be concise and clearly stated. Included are refunds for any money given on behalf of the client for  fees in ANY event. This is a legal and binding contract between the client and the sober living home operator and therefore must contain an area for the signatures of both parties to sign and date.

(Separate document within the Policies and Procedures)

C. Personal Property Disposition

Section should describe what happens to the client’s belongings if left at the residence in the event of the client being discharged from the sober living home program. 

D. Alcohol/Drug Use/Relapse Procedure

Section should indicate what happens in the event of the use of alcohol, drugs, or relapse. Be clear of the actions taken during this process.

E. Searches of Prohibited/Hazardous Items

Section should indicate what happens in the event of a client’s property or room search. It should indicate the steps taken during the search and what the process is after the search. Be clear when listing actions to be taken.

F. Urine Screens

Section must indicate the purpose of the urine screen, the outcome of the urine screen if any, how urine screens are logged and documented, and when they will be conducted. Be clear when listing information./span>

G. Medication Use Policy

Must indicate how client medication is stored, how the client can obtain their medication when needed, and any other information needed for clients who are on any medications. Be clear when listing information for the medication policy.

H. Written Clients Rights

List of rights the clients have while staying in the home. These rights are different from the house rules. The rules of the house should state the do’s and don’ts of the house itself. Example: clients have the right to live in a safe and sober environment free from physical violence. Be clear of the rights of the clients.

Declaration of Non-Discrimination

Document should indicate the Sober Home will not discriminate against anyone for any reason.

Example of Non-discrimination Statement and Policy:

[Sober Living Home Name] does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of its activities or operations.

Managers Job Description

Should indicate the operating standards of the Sober Living Home as well as the responsibilities of the House Manager. These responsibilities must include working hours, what protocols the house manager is responsible for executing or overseeing, the expectation of the house manager in the in case of an emergency, how to handle challenges within the house or with clients, and the process for documenting events. Please be clear when stating the role of the House Manager.

Code of Ethics

Must represent the Sober Living Home own code of ethics but should align with AzRHA and NARR code of ethics. You are welcome and encouraged to refer to the AzRHA code of ethics, but please do not use the AZRHA logo.

Emergency Procedures

Should indicate the House Address and Staff Numbers. Should be a clear document stating specific protocols and contact information. This is in case of an emergency, so anyone should clearly read the information quickly and at a glance.

Grievance Policy and Procedure

Should indicate the House Address and Staff Numbers. Should be a clear document stating specific protocols and contact information including how to contact AzRHA. This is in case of an emergency, so anyone should clearly read the information quickly and at a glance.

Membership Application

Organizational Information
Company Billing Address
Company Mailing Address
Principal contact person

Will your organization attend the training workshops within 90 days of certification?

Does applicant own or operate a licensed or certified addiction or mental health program or facility?

Do any of the owners identified in this application have an ownership interest in or any sort of business relationship with a licensed, independent use, confirmatory lab?

If owners have any ownership in any other businesses in the recovery industry please disclose here:

Do you operate other types of housing?

Please fill out all fields to proceed

II Management and Staff Information

All owners, managers and staff are required to register with the credentialing entity (AzRHA). If the legal entity is a corporation with a large Board of Directors or is publically traded as is owned by a broad body shareholders, then the CEO and CFO may register as "Owners of Record". For each contact entered, a unique email address is required and a contact phone number that will be directly answered by that contact.
  • Main switchboard phone numbers and general inbox addresses are not permissible in the contact section of this application.
  • Failure to list all owners, managers, and staff constitutes a fraudulent application that may result in denial and/or revocation of your certificate of compliance.

III Standards, Code of Ethics, Dispute Resolution

Do you maintain formal standards for the operation of your recovery residences?

Do you maintain a code of ethics to which all members subscribe, or do your standards contain provisions equivalent to a code of ethics?

Do you agree to adopt the AzRHA Standard for Recovery Residences for all recovery residences operated by your organization?

Do you have a defined process for resolving complaints from residents and the public?

Do you maintain and follow procedures for logging and retaining records of complaints about your residences, and the manner in which they were resolved?

IV Support for AzRHA Mission

Are you willing to fully participate in AzRHA organizational activities?

Are you willing and able to support AzRHA-sponsored research initiatives?

Are you willing and able to contribute financially to the operation of NARR by payment of applicable annual affiliate fees?

Do you intend to conform to affiliate requirements which are enacted by AzRHA for adoption by its affiliates?

Do you agree to cooperate with PARR in efforts to resolve complaints received by PARR about the affiliate or about its individual members?

Have you read and do you understand the residence certification requirements?

Have you reviewed the health, safety and management requirements?

Have you read, and do you agree to abide by the Code of Ethics?

Have all responsible persons (see note) read, and signed, the Code of Ethics?

Note: A 'responsible person' is anyone in a position of authority or responsibility within the residence, including managers, house captains, senior residents, peer leaders and heads of household.

V Residences

General Information
Housing Capacity Information

Other space available?

Pool available?

Do you welcome Medically Assisted Treatment in your residences?

Is your residence abstinence based?

Recovery Path

Is food included in the fees?

Do you manage resident funds?

Residence Pictures

Thank you for your application - we will get in touch soon!

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