Membership Overview

Our Purpose

The Arizona Recovery Housing Association (AzRHA) is a statewide association that acts as a voice for recovery housing providers residential services and programs in Arizona that promote recovery from addiction. AZHRA accomplishes its goal by promoting the development and quality operation of recovery based residential services (e.g. recovery homes, halfway houses, sober living housing, transitional housing, recovery-facilitative housing ).

AzRHA Provides

  • Education and training
  • Exchanges of knowledge and experience
  • Defines and promotes ethics and standards
  • Defines and promotes safety and quality of care service standards
  • Increases community awareness of the value, need, and success of recovery housing programs in our communities.

Membership Benefits

  • Online housing provider registry listing.
  • Education and training pertaining to best practices, quality of care standards, and other relevant topics.
  • Future certification as a quality housing provider.
  • Mutual trust and respect between stakeholders and recovery housing providers.
  • A quality reputation and credibility in the community.
  • Advocacy
  • Lobbying Efforts
  • Department of Corrections

AzRHA Members Will

  • Abide by a Code of Ethics and Standards.
  • Uphold quality of care standards in programs and participate in and pass annual inspections.

Becoming a Member of AzRHA

Please note that joining the Arizona Recovery Housing Association (AzRHA) as a member is not the same as having a recovery home ‘certified’ by the organization. Once you are a good standing member of the association you can apply to have a home certified (see Steps to Certification).

Please follow these steps to begin the membership process:

  1.  Send a completed AzRHA Additional Application Questions form to
  2.  Proceed to our payment page and make payment of $200.
  3.  You must attend two monthly AzRHA member meetings to become eligible for membership. The meetings are held on the 3rd Wednesday of each month (we skip December). The meetings are at St Matthew’s Episcopal Church at  901 W. Erie St. Chandler 85225. For those that cannot attend in person, here is the GoTo link: Be sure to set your profile name up to include both your name and the name of your sober living organization with the camera on.
  4.  At the second monthly AzRHA meeting, request to be voted in.
  5.  Once you become a member, you are encouraged to participate in a volunteer committee and attend the monthly meetings.