The Goal of the Membership Committee is to organize and outline membership to AzRHA, ensuring that every member and potential member receives the benefits and knowledge that AzRHA offers. Everything from inspections and the mentorship program to upholding our standards stems from the hardworking and always accessible Membership Committee.

Tom Fay

Tom owns and operates Carla Vista, a National company that specializes in high-quality, structured sober living houses; which provide a starting point for men and women struggling with addiction. Tom has been an active and valued member in AzRHA since 2013. Toms dedication and passion is based around the gift of getting to watch people’s lives change and families reunite because of their sobriety.


The Marketing Committee operates as the liaison to the community from AzRHA. Realizing that representing the community at events and community townhalls is imperative to the mission of recovery and AzRHA. They are also working to provide more recovery related events that will help bring the community together for clean and sober fun. They also provide and coordinate the education segments of the monthly AzRHA Meetings.

Patrick Chapin

Patrick is the Co-Founder of Stone Valley Recovery. He has been volunteering as the Marketing Chairperson since moving to Phoenix almost one and a half years ago. Prior to becoming a Sober Home owner Patrick was a Program Director for Treatment Centers in Florida and a Counselor.


In the climate of the recovery community in recent times, the Public Policy Committee is fighting on the front lines and in the halls of Government to ensure the safe, ethical and fair treatment of those in recovery. The dedicated service of the committee members here will have a lasting effect on the State of Arizona’s view and legislation of Sober Homes for years to come.

Michelle Siwek

Michelle Siwek is the public policy chair for the Arizona Recovery Housing Association and has served on the Executive Committee in several capacities since 2011. Michelle is the owner of Centered Living of Arizona and has operated sober living homes in Scottsdale since 2010. Her passion for sober living arose out of a need to provide structure in a safe and sober environment for individuals in early recovery. In addition to her sober living interests, Michelle is the CFO of a local treatment center, is actively involved in the Art of Recovery and works one-on-one with women in the recovery community. Michelle is in long term recovery and is passionate about helping individuals struggling with alcohol and drug addiction, she is a firm believer in paying it forward so that all who have a sincere desire can recover.

Marketing Committee

Jimmy Rauch
Head of the Marketing Committee

Jimmy Rauch was born in Philadelphia, PA and has been in the Phoenix area since 1989. He has 25+ years background in industrial sales and management. He has been clean and sober since August 14, 2006 and is a very active member of Alcoholics Anonymous. In April of 2015, Jimmy and Mike Kibler got together and opened the first Safe Harbor Sober Living house in Mesa, Arizona. Safe Harbor has flourished and continues to grow. Jimmy has remained very involved in matching clients with sober living opportunities as well as the day-to-day operations. On August 29, 2016, Jimmy left the industrial sales industry and has been focusing his energy on his recovery, being of service to others and the operations of Safe Harbor Sober Living.