The Goal of the Membership Committee is to organize and outline membership to AzRHA, ensuring that every member and potential member receives the benefits and knowledge that AzRHA offers. Everything from inspections and the mentorship program to upholding our standards stems from the hardworking and always accessible Membership Committee.


The Marketing Committee operates as the liaison to the community from AzRHA. Realizing that representing the community at events and community townhalls is imperative to the mission of recovery and AzRHA. They are also working to provide more recovery related events that will help bring the community together for clean and sober fun. They also provide and coordinate the education segments of the monthly AzRHA Meetings.


In the climate of the recovery community in recent times, the Public Policy Committee is fighting on the front lines and in the halls of Government to ensure the safe, ethical and fair treatment of those in recovery. The dedicated service of the committee members here will have a lasting effect on the State of Arizona’s view and legislation of Sober Homes for years to come.