What to look for in a Sober Living Home?


A Sober Living Home is simply a housing component, separate from clinical services, that offers those recovering from drugs and alcohol addiction a safe, clean, conducive environment to encourage their sobriety. Many Sober Living Homes and Halfway Houses provide auxiliary services that differentiate themselves from others. These services, many times affect the cost. The key services that a Sober Living Home provides, however, are: Accountability, Community and Safety.

There are different “levels” of accountability that Sober Living Homes offer. Some are peer-run agencies that run on the simple premise that others in home will keep you accountable. Others go so far as to have 24/7 staff with high structure and discipline. The home you choose should reflect the existing conditions of you or your loved one.

What to Look For in a Sober Living Home

  • AzRHA Certification:

If a Sober Living Home is AzRHA Certified that company will have went through a recent inspection. That inspection as you can see on our Pre-Inspection Checklist. reviews the house for cleanliness, rules and regulations and proper safety concerns, such as, fire extinguishers and smoke alarms.

  • Safe, Sober Environment:
    • 12 Panel Drug Testing and “Breathalyzer” Administered On-Site
    • Discharge Protocol if a Client in the House were to Relapse
    • Clean Time or Experience of Staff
    • Mandatory Outside Support Group Meetings
    • House Rules are Enforced
    • Medication Policy
    • Community Reputation
  • Services and Cost
    • What Auxiliary Services does the Sober Living Home Offer
      • Transportation?
      • Meal Preparation?
      • In-House Meetings?
      • Employment Assistance?
    • How much can the client afford on their own?
    • Refund Policy / Understand this when signing up.
    • No Sober Living Home should accept insurance as form of payment!
  • Structure and Accountability
    • 24/7 Available Support
    • On-Site Managers
    • Curfew
    • Overnight passes
    • Guest Policy
    • Is there a Minimum Length of time Commitment
  • Neighborhood
    • Is Sober Living Home Close to your place of employment or potential employment?
    • Is the neighborhood safe?
    • Enough parking for all the residents?
    • Close to Public Transportation?
    • Is the it close to recreation that clients can have “sober fun?”