Welcome to the AzRHA

The Arizona Recovery Housing Association (AzRHA) is a statewide association of residential recovery program providers and community stakeholders. We represent over 1500 beds for quality recovery housing providers throughout Arizona. We have chapters in Northern AZ (NARA) and as well Southern AZ.  AzRHA promotes the development and quality operation of recovery-based residential programs through membership meetings, training/education, providing a platform for exchange of knowledge and experience, fostering relationships with community stakeholders, increasing community awareness of the value and needs of recovery housing programs, and through the inspection and certification of the residential facilities of its members.

AzRHA member programs receive AzRHA Certification annually upon passing AzRHA inspection, which certifies them as a quality recovery housing provider. All member programs who receive certification abide by AzRHA’s Quality of Care Standards and Code of Ethics. Choosing an AzRHA certified provider for residential recovery services means choosing a well-managed, supported and quality program in which to begin the recovery process.