AzRHA Steps to Certification

Certification Steps

AzRHA is pleased to continue to offer a certification program for recovery residences in Arizona.  This credential recognizes organizations that offer recovery-oriented support to help individuals with substance use disorders achieve a life in recovery.  AzRHA is committed to raising the bar in recovery housing through certification and in accordance with nationally recognized quality standards (NARR) that require a combination of skills that surround the business aspects of the recovery residence, best practices for recovery-oriented services and supports, and ultimately, compassion.

Earning certification ensures organizations have the knowledge necessary to be confident in recovery work. Achieving certification not only arms organizations with a feeling of accomplishment, but also it assures the public that organizations have met the standards required to operate a recovery residence ethically and according to quality standards.

Being “AzRHA Certified” ensures organizations are accountable for implementation of and compliance with the National Alliance of Recovery Residences (NARR) Quality Standards and Code of Ethics for Level 1 – 4 Recovery Residences.


Step 1 – Apply for membership HERE.  Within 14 business days, you will then be contacted by AzRHA staff to conduct a phone interview and you will be assigned a mentor. At the time you submit your membership application, you will be required to make an online payment via our online payment system located HERE.

Step 2 – A Pre Inspection Checklist located HERE.  Your documentation will be submitted for review against NARR and AzRHA Quality Standards, Ethics, and statute requirements.

Step 3 – Once all documentation has been reviewed and in compliance with the AzRHA standards, you will be contacted by a site inspector in order to schedule the onsite inspection.

Step 4 – AzRHA will review all documentation and inspection results in order to issue a final compliance determination and issue a “Certificate of Approval”.

Step 5- All owners, staff, and managers are required to complete the mandatory online NARR web series located HERE in order to meet Certification requirements within 90 days of certification.

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  1. Steps to Becoming a Member of AzRHA
    1. Submit a completed AzRHA Additional Application Questions form to See attached.
    2. Pay the member fee of $200. Please pay online at
    3. You must attend two monthly AzRHA member meetings. The meetings are held on the 3rd Wednesday of each month (we skip December). The meetings are at St Matthew’s Episcopal Church at 901 W. Erie St. Chandler 85225. For those that cannot attend in person, here is the GoTo link: Be sure to set your profile name up to include both your name and the name of your sober living organization with the camera on.
    4. At the second monthly AzRHA meeting, request to be voted in.
    5. Once you become a member, you are encouraged to participate in a volunteer committee and attend the monthly meetings.
  1. Steps for AzRHA Certification
  1. Become a Member of AzRHA
  2. Review the attached Inspection Checklist and draft your sober living home’s Policies & Procedures.
    1. This document will be used by an AzRHA inspector to ensure your residence/s meet the AzRHA standard.  This is your roadmap to certification.
    2. Attached are templates and samples of documents (company policy, maintenance checklist and orientation packet) that may be used in building your sober living program. Note that your Policies & Procedures must match the structure of the program being followed at your sober living home.You are not required to use the templates when building your Policies & Procedures as you may build your own.
    3. Prior to inspection, those involved in your program will each be required to sign the Attestation document (attached -AzRha policy on Urine Drug Testing).  This attests that your processes are in line with AzRHA drug testing policies.
    4. Email signed Attestation, forms, and Policies & Procedures to
    5. Read the NARR Ethics Policy Statement on Inducements – attached.
  3. Pay the inspection fee of $75. (Note that after the inspection, an additional invoice in the amount of $10/bed at your recovery home will be sent for dues. This must be paid prior to receiving the AzRHA certificate).
  4. The inspection will be scheduled. Be sure to have a binder at each home being inspected with the Policies & Procedures and proof of insurance coverage.
  5. The inspector goes to each property and completes a full inspection of the physical property. Note: The documentation part of the inspection may occur prior to or after the physical inspection.
  6. After your inspections are completed, the Inspector will submit your inspection documents to AzRHA. If your sober living home does not pass the initial inspection, you have 30 days to remediate the items. Otherwise, a new inspection fee of $75 will be charged.
  7. You will receive an invoice via email to pay dues, which are $10 per bed. Please pay online at
  8. The certificate will be printed and available at the next monthly meeting. If you do not attend the next AzRHA meeting, the certificate will be mailed to the address on the certificate. Note that the mailings are done once per month.
  9. Be sure to post the certificate in each home as this is a requirement.

Fees are:

  1. a) Member fee: $200
  2. b) Inspection fee: $75 per residence/home
  3. c) Annual Dues $10.00 per bed per year for Levels I and II

NOTE: Currently, AzRHA is not certifying NARR levels III & IV homes

The above steps are a lot of work, but we are here to help.  Please reach out to us anytime you have a question or email us at